Are You Prepared for a Dental Emergency?

emergency dentist DesotoAccidents and emergencies can occur at any time. Just like other unplanned circumstances in life, preparedness is essential to handling stressful situations quickly and properly. Our emergency dentist and staff can assist with a number of pressing oral health issues including toothaches, cracked or fractured teeth, abscesses, and facial trauma. Following are some helpful tips for responding to an urgent situation.

Steps to Take During an Oral Health Emergency

The first step toward preparing for a dental emergency is to keep our contact information easily accessible so that you can call our office even if you are not at home. We recommend adding our office number to your mobile phone’s contact list along with placing our business card in your wallet, vehicle, or place of work. This will ensure that you can call our team if an urgent situation arises. [pullquote]The first step toward preparing for a dental emergency is to keep our contact information easily accessible…[/pullquote]

When an emergency arises, it is important that you call us as quickly as you can. This will help us create room in our schedule to see you. We strive to provide same-day appointments for emergencies. When you call, let us know the nature of your situation, how the accident or emergency occurred, and the types of symptoms you’re experiencing.

If you have suffered facial trauma that has resulted in a broken or cracked tooth, do your best not to touch or move the tooth. If the tooth is completely dislodged from its socket, place it in milk or a Save-A-Tooth kit and bring the tooth to our office within an hour for the greatest chance of re-implantation.

When you arrive at our office, let our team know if you are experiencing any discomfort or facial swelling. When treating emergencies, we may use pain or sedative medication to ensure that you are comfortable and at ease. In the event that prescription medication is used, you will need to arrange for a ride to and from our office.

For more information and additional tips on how to prepare for a dental emergency, contact the office of Dr. Hema K. Chapala today.

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