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Orthodontics is the specialist treatment that aims to correct improper bites and crooked teeth. Our DeSoto & Cedar Hill Dentists Dr Chapala & Associates will use a variety of treatment options that may include traditional braces, invisalign braces and retainers.

Both adults and children can benefit from our orthodontist services in Amaze Dental-DeSoto & Cedar Hill Dentist.

Orthodontics can be used to solve many issues:Dental Implants

  • crowded teeth
  • openbite where front teeth don’t touch
  • overbite where the front teeth overlap or bite into the palate
  • missing teeth
  • misaligned spacing of the teeth

Early orthodontics monitoring of the teeth for these problems during childhood can correct for the problems early, avoiding more serious problems in adulthood and help promote healthier teeth with less decay and less gum problems later in life.

DeSoto dentists Dr Chapala & Associates recommends seeing children by age 7 or 8 to advise if orthodontic treatment is required. When orthodontics treatment is begun early, Dr Chapala & Associates are able to guide the growth of the jaw and guide incoming permanent teeth.


Early orthodontics treatment can also have the following benefits:

  • gain space for permanent teeth
  • reduce treatment time with braces
  • avoid the need for permanent tooth extractions
  • reduce the likelihood of impacted permanent teeth

For many patients the most important benefit of orthodontics is the confidence of having a symmetrical, beautiful smile!

However, if you have not had orthodontics treatment as a child, do not despair. Orthodontics treatment can be successful at any age and in Dr Chapala & Associates experience adults can gain greatly from orthodontic treatment because the drive and cooperation of adult patients provide a good foundation for successful orthodontic treatment.

How the orthodontics process works

The initial consultation identifies the problems and the treatment options. A treatment plan frequently involves diagnostic x-rays and the taking of mouth impressions in soft material that hardens to provide a model of your teeth.

Most commonly patients will then be fitted with braces that will straighten, separate and correct the positioning of the teeth. The braces straighten teeth by a combination of brackets that are bonded to the teeth, connected by archwires that gently guide your teeth as they move to their new positions. As the teeth move, the archwires are adjusted to move the teeth further into position. When the braces are first applied wax can be used to cover the brace points so they don’t irritate the inside of the patients’ lips. It is very important throughout the period of wearing the braces to keep the teeth well cleaned.

Frequently braces are worn together with elastic bands that are hooked around the points on the braces to pressure the teeth in their new direction. The elastic bands may be different colours of your choice, and often Dr Chapala & Associates young patients enjoy their choices of bright colours.

After the braces are removed retainers are worn to keep the teeth in their place. Retainers may either be bonded into place or be removable and to be worn during the night time. It is important to keep up the routine of wearing the retainers for as long as you are advised to by Dr Chapala & Associates to ensure the lasting benefits of the orthodontic procedure.

What is the result of your orthodontic treatment?

The result of the orthodontic treatment is straight, well positioned teeth that will help you to have healthy and strong teeth into your adulthood. Your problems with your bite will be corrected and you will be comfortable with and proud of your smile.

DeSoto & Cedar Hill dentist’s Dr Chapala & Associates can advise you on your options for treatment and assess whether orthodontic procedures may assist you. Contact us and book an appointment to discuss your options for treatment.

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