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Dental Implants – DeSoto, TX

Restore the Root and Crown of Your Lost Tooth

Dental implants in DeSoto are quickly becoming a new standard for tooth replacement for a number of reasons. One of the most notable benefits is just how long they last after placement. Instead of having to worry about when you’ll need to replace your denture or bridge, you can eat the foods you enjoy, smile with confidence, and never have to worry about extending its life through other measures. If you’re tired of wearing a traditional denture or you want the best long-term solution to tooth loss, schedule an appointment with Dr. Suzanne Najjar!

Why Choose Amaze Dental for Dental Implants?

Benefits of Dental Implants

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The most important distinction to keep in mind is that dental implants replace and simulate the roots of teeth. When a tooth is lost or extracted, the root comes out with it. The root is incredibly important for stimulating bone tissue, which keeps it healthy and your biting force strong. It also allows for blood and nutrients to travel to the gums, teeth, and facial tissue. Dental implants are the only tooth replacement option that restores these basic functions in this manner.

Because of these restorative benefits, eating tough foods like steak or apples is a breeze. You can smile with confidence because no one will be able to tell the difference between your natural teeth and your implant. It’s the most aesthetically-pleasing option out there because of the all-porcelain material we use to recreate the crown. With proper care, your dental implant(s) can easily last between 25 years and a lifetime.

How Dental Implants Work

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Whether it is one, multiple, or all your teeth, dental implants in DeSoto are the premium method of treatment when it comes to replacing missing teeth. If you’ve chosen to move forward with this procedure, it’s likely you’ll have plenty of questions, one of which will probably be, “How does the process work?” Find out more about each step of the procedure and feel more confident and comfortable in your decision to pursue restorative treatment with dental implants.

Learn More about How Dental Implants Work

Indications for Dental Implants

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Dental implants are not exclusively for replacing individual teeth. In fact, they can replace teeth just like dental bridges and dentures do, but in a far more effective way. Below, you can learn exactly how Dr. Najjar gets it done.

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Missing Single Tooth

Individual teeth are replaced via a single titanium post and porcelain crown. After the implant has fused to your bone and gum tissue, an abutment is placed on top so the crown has a stable foundation to rest on.

Learn More About Single Tooth Dental Implants
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Missing Multiple Teeth

Implant-retained bridges utilize a pair of dental implants to replace one to two teeth at a time. Since the implants are strong enough to withstand daily chewing and grinding, you don’t have to rely on neighboring teeth to hold the restoration.

Learn More About Implant-Retained Bridges
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Missing All Teeth

By using a series of dental implants, generally four to six, we can effectively attach a full or partial denture to your jaw. If you currently have a denture, you’ll never have to worry about your restoration shifting out of place or rely on dental adhesives to keep it stable.

Start-to-Finish Convenience

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Dr. Suzanne Najjar wants to make every step of your dental implant placement seamless, which is why she and her team are proud to say they can perform every step of your treatment in the dental office. During your consultation, we’ll confirm your needs, schedule you for surgery, then design a restoration that effectively blends in with your smile. By keeping the placement process in the dental office, we can make your visits more convenient and ensure that all of your needs are met, not lost in communication between multiple doctors.

Understanding the Cost of Dental Implants

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Dental implants are a highly customizable treatment, which means that the cost of your procedure will vary depending on your specific needs. If you need to place multiple implants vs. a single implant, your treatment costs will be significantly higher. This also affects the type of restoration needed to rebuild your smile. If you need preparatory treatments to make your mouth viable for dental implants, including bone grafts or periodontal therapy, this increases the cost as well. Keep in mind that dental implants are meant to be a long-term investment that lasts for several decades.

Dental Implant FAQs

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Since dental implants in DeSoto are a big investment in the future of your smile, we understand that you’ll want to be as informed as possible before making the decision to get them. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the dental implant questions that we get asked the most often.

Do I Have to Get an X-Ray?

In your initial dental implant consultation, an x-ray is not required. However, Dr. Najjar prefers to take x-rays before placing the implant. This will allow her to more accurately diagnose your case. The more details she knows about your case, the easier it will be to design and place the implant, and the faster the placement procedure will take.

Will My Insurance Cover Dental Implants?

Most dental insurance plans require patients to select the cheapest option when it comes to restorative dentistry, and that includes tooth replacement. Since dentures or bridges are less expensive than dental implants, many insurance companies will not cover the entire cost of implants. However, you will be investing in your health by preserving your jawbone. Our staff is always here to help you navigate your insurance plan and maximize your benefits.

Will I Have to See an Outside Specialist?

The great thing about Dr. Najjar is that she handles the whole dental implant process seamlessly under one roof. From your first consultation, to the implant place surgery itself, to the final restoration appointment, we’ll be with you every step of the way. You won’t have to travel to an outside office, with a doctor you’ve never met before and might not be comfortable enough to allow them to place implants. Your needs won’t be lost between different doctors. You can rest easy knowing that the entire process will easily take place in just one building.

I Smoke. Can I Still Get Dental Implants?

Yes, but it does come with a few risks. Smoking limits the growth of your jawbone, which is needed for the implant to integrate successfully. If you continue to smoke after you receive a dental implant, you increase your chance of implant failure, where the post does not integrate correctly with the jawbone. Smoking also slows down your natural healing ability, meaning you’ll have to wait much longer to receive your final restoration. You may also contract peri-implantitis, a form of gum disease that can easily cause implant failure. Because smoking irritates the gums, it makes them more vulnerable to infection and inflammation.

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