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Dental Technology – DeSoto, TX

Modern Dentistry Requires Modern Technology

Dr. Najjar understands that in order to provide the best dentistry possible, you need to be constantly learning and educating yourself on the advancements happening in the dental industry. Whether that’s through new techniques, materials, or technology, you can expect her to stay on the cutting edge throughout her dental career. Below, you’ll learn just a few of the ways she accomplishes this and provides patients care that is truly unmatched.

Digital X-Rays

Patient receiving 3D CT scan

X-rays are an incredibly important part of diagnostic care, whether it’s in the medical or dental field. In the past, traditional X-rays were often seen as time-consuming and difficult to perform. Today, all X-rays are captured digitally, ensuring many new benefits. For one, getting a detailed image of your many oral structures only takes a few minutes, not hours because of developing film. Additionally, digital X-rays emit about 80 percent less radiation than traditional X-rays, reducing your exposure dramatically.

Digital Impression System

Digital bite impression on computer screen

Do you need to have a crown placed? Are you ready to achieve a straighter smile via clear aligner technology? Both of these treatments make use of our in-house digital impression system. With digital impressions, we can capture detailed images of your many oral structures without the use of gooey, gray, putty-like material that is often unpleasant to bite into. Instead, a camera-tipped wand captures many photos of your mouth, making it easy to create restorations and clear aligner trays.

Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry

Patient receiving soft tissue laser dental treatment

If you’ve ever had gum therapy performed, you know that it can be a difficult treatment to complete. Instead of relying on the metal dental tools of the past, our dental office uses soft tissue laser technology to remove decayed tissue and conserve your healthy gums as much as possible. Laser dentistry makes use of highly concentrated beams of light to more precisely and effectively remove bacteria and decay. Because of this precision, the aftercare required for healing is also reduced.

The Wand™

The Wand hand tool

Our dental office understands that many patients have difficulty getting certain treatments completed because they require local anesthetics to be administered. Instead of relying on a needle to provide this preparatory step, The Wand not only makes it easier to provide dental injections but results in less discomfort and more contained numbness of the treatment area. Overall, it’s designed to improve your comfort as a patient and make treatments easier.

Cavity Detection System

Cavity detection handtool and computer read out

The sooner we can confirm the presence of cavities the better, but what if we could catch them before they even had a chance to cause harm? With the early cavity detection system, we can more effectively detect the early stages of cavity development and recommend treatments. Through laser fluorescence, it’s easy for Dr. Najjar to catch early breakdown of tooth enamel and target these areas for care. It also helps patients understand which areas they need to improve on when practicing at-home oral care.

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