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Full & Partial Dentures – DeSoto, TX

Helping You Regain Confidence In Your Smile

If you’re missing some or all of your teeth, you’re not alone. Although it may feel like everybody else is enjoying a completed grin, that’s actually not the case. According to the American College of Prosthodontists, about 40 million adults in the nation are missing all of their teeth. That’s why, at Amaze Dental, we offer completely customized and durable full and partial dentures to help restore smiles. We want our patients to feel happy and confident always, which is why we customize each restoration to flawlessly blend in with your grin to be practically unnoticeable. If you believe you could benefit from this service, be sure to schedule a consultation with your dentist in DeSoto to learn more about how we can help you.

Why Choose Amaze Dental For Dentures? 

Full Dentures

person leaning against a wall and smiling with dentures in DeSoto

For patients who are missing all of their teeth, we’ll likely recommend full dentures. These are comprised of a custom-shaped base that’s crafted from gum-colored acrylic. It’s specially made to fit over the structure of your gums and utilize natural suction and denture adhesive to stay firmly in place. Atop the gum base are replacement teeth which are customized to match your natural tooth color for a flawless appearance. For patients who are looking for a more permanent solution and have a dense enough jawbone, we also offer dental implants as well.

Partial Dentures

full and partial dentures sitting on a countertop

Patients who are missing several teeth on an arch can benefit from getting partial dentures in DeSoto. These are designed to discreetly secure around your existing teeth without altering them by using a metal or gum-colored acrylic base. These also have customized replacement teeth that are matched to your surrounding teeth. Like full dentures, these are easily removable and easy to take care of.

The Importance of Replacing Missing Teeth

a couple outside in their backyard gardening

Some people may be tempted to ignore the effects that their missing teeth are having on their daily lives in an effort to save money on getting restorations. While we realize this response is typically out of financial necessity, we also want patients to know that this can have an impact on their oral health. If you leave gaps in your smile, it can cause a variety of issues down the road, including:

During your consultation, our team will examine your mouth and let you know which restorative procedures you can benefit from. We’ll also address any dental insurance concerns you have and discuss financing options with you. At Amaze Dental, we accept Medicaid and CHIP and also have a special offer for $250 off snap-on dentures.

Understanding the Cost of Dentures

Man using calculator next to prosthetic tooth

Reading through the above information gives you valuable insight into the versatility of dentures and the importance of addressing tooth loss head-on. However, there are other important questions patients have, such as: How much do dentures cost? Since each restoration is custom-made, there is no all-encompassing answer. With that being said, there are some important factors to consider across the board. Keep reading to learn what they are!

Factors that Affect the Cost of Dentures

Dentist explaining cost of dentures in DeSoto to patient

When it comes to the cost of dentures, there are three major factors to consider. The first is preparation procedures, like periodontal therapy or tooth extractions. The next is the type of acrylic used for the base, which will be meticulously dyed to match the color of your gum tissue. Lastly, the material used for your replacement teeth, which will play an essential role in the appearance and function of your new and improved smile. Therefore, it is important to remember that cheaper isn’t necessarily better. Your confidence, bite, and speech are worth the investment.

Are Implant Dentures More Expensive?

Denture dentist in DeSoto explaining implant denture cost

Yes, the upfront cost of implant dentures in DeSoto is more expensive. However, there is a good reason for that! To start, while traditional dentures need to be replaced every five to seven years, implant dentures can last for 20+ years with proper care. Additionally, since they are surgically inserted directly into your jawbone, they restore your bite force, avoid embarrassing slippage, and preserve your youthful facial structure. So, in the long run, implant dentures can end up being the most cost-effective option!

Does Dental Insurance Cover Dentures?

Dental insurance paperwork lying on table

Although the fine print on dental plans varies from patient to patient, a portion of the cost is typically covered by your insurance provider. To confirm, our knowledgeable team will handle the paperwork and maximize your coverage before explaining the cost in a straightforward and stress-free manner. That way, you can utilize your much-deserved benefits and have a detailed cost estimate upfront!

Other Options for Making Dentures Affordable

Dentist talking to patient about cost of dentures in DeSoto

Our denture dentist in DeSoto is proud to offer high-quality dentistry that is also affordable. In addition to welcoming dental insurance and Medicaid, we also happily accept CareCredit financing, which ensures even the most extensive treatment plans can fit into your monthly budget. Periodic special offers are also available, including $250 off snap-on dentures! Don’t worry – our team will go over all of these options in detail at your appointment to ensure you can confidently make a decision on what’s best for your smile and your wallet.

Now you know a bit more about the cost of dentures in DeSoto! For a more detailed estimate, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team so we can schedule your initial consultation.

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